Hello, hello! How's everyone doing? I keep on asking myself why humans are so complicated! We say that we are nothing like animals, but yet we've lost the sense of staying in a pack, and take care of one another. If we get suddenly caught in a storm, we are not capable of feeling love and... Continue Reading →


The master of my own destiny

Hello sweet, beautiful people! How's everyone? Last week, after I've posted "Time to upgrade", @midclassanxiety left me a comment saying how she'd like to know more about my perspective on life. By the way, thank you for the wishes, Randi D. I hope everything goes smoothly in life for you too, and here's my answer:... Continue Reading →

Time to upgrade

Hi, guys! How's everyone today? 😘​ Lately, by making my self-care a priority, I've been running a lot up and down to reset my life quicker. Now that I have the freedom to rebuild my life in the way I want, I have plans set in motions to start fresh with a clean slate. Yes, I've changed, and... Continue Reading →

Both ends of the spectrum

Hello, hello good people from all around the world! For as much as I'd like to deny and hide my pain behind a smile, these last weeks were a bit harsh for me. It's not easy to detach from people with whom I had close ties, but I no longer look for the good in... Continue Reading →

Don’t continue watering a dead flower.

Hello, hello beautiful people. How's everyone doing?! Remember the dramatic end of my friendship with my bestie A from Inn? Well, guess what! She didn't stop there, and a couple of days back, she made it even worse. I thought that if I'd give us both some time and space, she could've cleaned her mind and... Continue Reading →

Be true, be strong.

Hello, hello beautiful, lovely people. These days, as you've read in my previous stories, I have a bit of a struggle missing my mom. Sometimes I wish she was here with me! I remember every valuable lesson that she taught me about kindness, integrity, consistency, and compassion. (Which are my strengths now.) She always helped... Continue Reading →

Fragile like a bomb.

Hello, hello my beautiful. How's everyone doing today? I know that I'm not the best storyteller because I don't leak enough vital information, but in time I'll get there too. I want to take my time, and this blog is the perfect spot to express my emotions healthily. Sometimes, despite my best efforts, it's hard to let... Continue Reading →

Love must be shown, not begged.

Hello, hello sweet, lovely people. I hope you are all doing well. I wanna thank God that Santa weather's gone, and summer is finally here. I'm the kind of person who enjoys winter for the holidays and gifts, not for the cold. I love laying out in the sun and let the warmth of the... Continue Reading →

Forever gain.

Hello, beautiful people. Today I want to address myself to all the women in the entire world. ¿What is that makes men so unique to us? Is it their personality,  education, hobbies, physical appearance, sexuality, and so on...¿ ¿Why are we so attracted to things we don't understand and half wicked men? Is it because we see the... Continue Reading →

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